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Explore history, hidden gems and a lively city!
Highlights of the ancient times & modern Athens' everyday life. This customized walking tour is ideal for journalists, photographers, families with kids and people who want to explore off beaten track.

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  • This is a great opportunity to make the most of the second to none, an authentic and customized experience in Athens. At your own pace and upon your request.
  • Ideal for families with kids
  • Interesting spots, ideal destinations for journalists or photographers
  • Great spots for photo-shooting
  • About the customized walking tour

    The center of Athens stretches over a large area. Thus the walking tours with will inspire you to come back and explore on your own afterwards. Do you want to see Athens’ everyday life, its people, architecture or take fancy photos? Most travel books only mention the archaeological and famous sights; we will pass by and have a glimpse and discover even more. Are you interested in contemporary Greek designers, galleries, street art, a rustic tavern, or a wine tasting?

    Arts and culture, past and modern, smells and tastes... A taste of Athens’ everyday life with sights most tourists never even hear about. The sightseeings of Athens string together in short intervals... one more beautiful than the other! If you are interested in history, we can stroll along the Theater of Dionysus, the oldest theater of the world, also known as the birthplace of Greek tragedy. Taking a glimpse at Odeon of Herodes Atticus at the slopes of the Acropolis, then you take your way over the Ancient and Roman Agora, Keramikos, the Panathenaic Stadium along tempels, parks, Byzantine, neoclassical and modern attractions. You are guided through history from 500 before Christ and 1890 until today.

    If you like to know more about arts, culture, contemporary spots, smells and tastes... this can be a part of the tour. A taste of Athens’ everyday life with sights most tourists never even hear about. According to your personal interests, this tour can be fully customized by prior arrangement. Ask you kids what they would like to see! If you are a journalist, there are places which are of great interest concerning politics and life in this place. If you are a photographer, catch the best moment. There is nothing more liveky than Athens street life!

    If you stay longer in Athens, you now have a first impression and orientation of the city, its history and everyday life. Feel free to ask me how to get around and what's also worth seeing, you will be provided with valuable information to continue on your own after. Get also a ticket after this tour and visit all the archaeological sites by yourself. The ticket is valid for a few days and includes the most important archaeological sites in the center of Athens. Please note that this ticket is not included in our tour and we do not enter the archaeological sites.

    Try some snacks or dishes! Would you like a traditional Greek coffee? A Souvlaki-to-go? Or do you prefer something sweet? What about eating in the style of 200 years ago? There is a great selection of different things!

    Recommended day of the Athens Customized tour
    Everyday, Monday to Sunday. If zou are mainlz interested in Athens' everyday life, please note that Saturday most shops close between 3 and 5pm.

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