Book a Guide | Ath Secrets -
walking tour off the beaten track

Athens' everyday life combined with hidden gems and extraordinary places. Historical and other spots most Athenians don't even know.

Book a Guide | Historical City Walk -
extraordinary ancient and nowadays spots

Take a walk in the heart of Athens - along all important sights. Get an insight of the history of ancient times up to now.

Book a Guide | Athens Customized
according to your wishes and our ideas

Explore history, hidden gems and a lively city! Highlights of the ancient times & modern Athens' everyday life are on our way. Recommended also for individuals, families, photographers & journalists.

Book a Guide | Culinary Experience -
food tour with culinary delights & more

Greece is not only Moussaka, Baklava and Ouzo! Be surprised by tasting all the local delicacies and learn more about customs and traditions, festivities and food!

Book a Guide | Winetasting & Vineyard Tour

An extraordinary day at an organic winery. Enjoy a calm and stunning environment and get to know the procedure of winemaking, the region's grapes and "oinos". Yamas!

Impressions of Athens...

Feel like an Athenian! Experience the intense colors and smell of the food. Taste extraordinary dishes and drinks. Meet locals at the shops, market or on the street.
Stroll along ancient paths of Greek tradition and history which are present at any corner of the city! You'll receive many tips and information to keep on exploring the city on your own after.

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