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Greece is not only Moussaka, Baklava and Ouzo!
You will be surprised by tasting all the local delicacies!

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  • Extraordinary and traditional culinary delights
  • Insight on local cuisine, traditions and festivities
  • A unique citywalk experience with Greek food and drink
  • About the die Culinary Experience

    Moussaka, Gyros and Baklava are the most popular and known, but there is more to discover!
    During the walking tour you will get to know where Athenians eat, which delicacies they nibble, far from the overcrowded tourist restaurants. Did you always wanted to know more about Greek food, learn about ingredients, try out unusual local delights (rarely mentioned in common travel books!) or learn more about the traditional culinary habits?
    This tour will be an extraordinary experience for you!

    We stroll through the historical center and you taste sweet, savory, hearty delights... meat, vegetables, fruits and pastry. Wine, liquor, schnapps... at many different venues. An extraordinary experience!
    The typical Athenian likes to pass by at his favorite small store to do groceries for home, drops in to have a snack and then returns to work. Learn more about the origin of Greek food and drinks, local traditions and culinary delights. You will be surprised by what Greece has to offer!

    Recommended day of the Culinary Experience Tour
    Monday to Saturday (please note that Saturday afternoon after 5pm most shops close). It is recommended to choose a day when shops are open.

  • 100 % Recommendation
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