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A city full of contradictions, a lively past and everyday life.

Athens was playing a major role in the ancient world. Visiting Athens, you'll find yourself somewhere between now and then. An interaction of past and present you rarely experience in one and the same place.

Antigoni squeezes her dented Smart in a tiny parking spot. Adonis gazes at the reflection of himself at a shop-window and admires his biceps, the result of hard training at a fitness center. Plato, riding a fancy motorbike, is ahead of all bikes the minute the traffic light changes to green. Aphrodite is listening with her girlfriends at Syntagma square to the latest mp3's whilst protestors are shouting in front of the parliament against increased energy prices.
Young and old people rush through the streets with a koulouri and a Freddo Cappuccino in their hand.... to be on time at a business appointment, to meet friends, or to go shopping.
Stroll along archeological excavations dated from 460 BC to 131 AD. A bit further, the wide avenues lined with notable buildings. All built around 1860, when young Bavarian prince Otto became the first modern King of Greece. His palace garden nowadays became an oasis of peace in the middle of the center.
Not far from here you will find the Temple of Olympian Zeus. It seems as if you leave the hectic traffic behind once you walk through the Hadrian's Arch and reach a temple of silence. Time seems to have stood still.
The Acropolis par excellence and as impressive as no other, being admired from all sides. Even from the sea she is spotted and guides the sailors to the harbor or marinas.
Who would expect in a neoclassical quarter a Cycladic village, small winding roads which resemble those on Santorin?

24h hours a day is not enough! The city offers so much, even if you walk by the same place a 100 times, it is never the same!
Athenians are just as the city itself: affectionate, warm, entertaining, aggressive, friendly, blunt, elegant, simpel, comical, yet humorous, flexibel, boisterous, curious, spontanious... the contrast could hardly be starker!

Come and experience Athens!

Even being here for quite some time, every day is a new experience and you take it as it comes. As a graphic designer, I create 3D-maps for various islands as Sifnos, Milos, Myconos, Ios, Skiathos and other. I have published various photo-calendars and puzzles of Greece (“Hellas, Sea of Colors”, “Greece - Magical light of the Aegean”, “Cats of the Cyclades”, “Island kittens”, all available at Amazon). Co-writing and photography for two travel-books (“Cycladic Islands” and “Santorin”, both Michael Müller Publications, Edition 2009, German language), based on my experience as a tour guide on the Cycladic, Ionian, Dodecanese islands. My citywalks are recommended by rent-a-guide, too.